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AAM’s Structured Products platform delivers expert advice, ongoing support, and diversified product access, giving Broker/Dealers and RIAs access to innovative solutions to investor challenges.

For over 10 years, AAM has been a leading Structured Product resource for multiple top independent broker/dealers (IBDs) and RIAs across the nation. A growing segment of the capital markets, AAM maintains a flexible and scalable Structured Products platform which provides broad access to offerings from a wide selection of issuers: Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, HSBC, Barclays, BNP Paribas, Citigroup, and Bank of America, to name a few.

AAM has a proven track record of delivering innovative and timely Structured Notes and Market-Linked CDs to the market. Our expertise and customer-centric approach allows us to help advisors differentiate their business and grow assets under management using investments designed to capitalize on a specific market view or targeted outcome.

We are proud to be named Structured Investment Advisor of the Year in 2017 and awarded U.S. Deal of the Year in 2017 and 2018 by mtn-i.

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Why AAM?

AAM offers competitive and objective access to the Structured Products market. Our incentive lies in providing you with the best investment ideas and solutions for your clients and your business.

  1. Broad Selection of Offerings from a Variety of Issuers

    AAM connects IBDs and RIAs to an extensive network of Structured Products from multiple domestic and foreign issuers. Our long-standing relationships afford us the ability to provide exclusive offerings, competitive issuer pricing, and the ability to help effectively negotiate terms on behalf of our clients.

    Additionally, we maintain a diverse selection of fee-based offerings for RIAs and can help coordinate custom structured solutions based on specific portfolio needs and risk parameters.

  2. Education and Sales Support

    AAM’s education program provides advisors with the insights needed to effectively position Structured Products in portfolios and appropriately advise clients. We require all advisors purchasing AAM Structured Products to complete online training courses. Currently, we have two required courses, one focused on principal protection and the other on principal at risk notes. We have supplementary online training courses available, including an Introduction to Buffered Notes.

    Additionally, we offer marketing literature and online tools in conjunction with one-on-one advisor support through webinars, conference calls, and in-person meetings. Our knowledgeable team of Structured Product Specialists is skilled at helping advisors understand and communicate the risks, benefits, and portfolio application of each Structured Product offering.

  3. Customized Structured Products

    IBDs and RIAs can leverage AAM’s experience and relationships to create custom Structured Products that meet specific objectives across their book of business. Our reverse inquiry competencies allow AAM to assist with tailoring deals to match specific risk/return profiles with attractive terms and pricing. Custom deals can be created as low as $500,000.

  4. Sophisticated Trading Desk

    With a proven track record of offering innovative and timely Structured Notes and CDs to market, AAM’s seasoned Structured Product Trading Desk is comprised of six dedicated team members averaging over 15 years of experience. With expertise in origination, development, and distribution, AAM offers access to a robust primary and secondary market. We also offer extensive trading support, product insights, and market analysis.

    Our selection of competitively priced offerings is carefully evaluated each month by our experienced traders who focus on delivering timely investments and quality execution tailored to the needs of financial advisors and their clients.

How to Purchase Structured Products

Generally, at the beginning of each month, the Structured Product Trading Desk will post AAM’s structured product offerings. Advisors can submit indications of interest (IOIs) for their clients during the order period. Since IOIs are indications, they may be removed during the offering period with no penalty. Once the order period ends, the orders will be placed for execution. At issuance, investors will typically receive an allocation amount equal to their IOI.

It is important to note that submitting an indication of interest (IOI) does not guarantee the investor will receive an allocation. If the offering is undersubscribed, meaning too few IOIs are received, the offering may be pulled. Additionally, if market conditions are too volatile, the offering may close earlier than expected by the issuer. In either scenario, AAM will seek to proactively communicate to the advisor if an offering is closing early or will not print. We recommend placing IOIs as soon as received.

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Structured products are complex and are not suitable for all investors.


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Structured Products are sold only by prospectus. Investors should read the prospectus and pricing supplement carefully before investing which contains a detailed explanation of the risks, tax treatment, and other relevant information about the investment. Investors should consult their accounting, legal, or tax advisor.