Managed Accounts

Customized portfolios selected and managed by professional managers.

Our investment approach seeks to continuously add value by utilizing a sound investment process while drawing on the talents and experience of our portfolio managers. AAM is committed to providing you with the highest level of portfolio management services possible while working in the best interest of you and your client.

Fixed Income

AAM believes that diversification, duration and proper asset allocation are the most important factors in achieving consistent, stable returns that meet your clients’ investment objectives. No one can consistently and accurately predict economic cycles; however, we are experts in identifying opportunity and can limit risk by utilizing a systematic, disciplined investment process.


AAM's goal is to outperform the benchmark and maximize long-term portfolio performance while strictly adhering to each client's investment objectives. Our investment philosophy combines time-tested investment discipline approaches with detailed stock and industry analysis conducted by a professional portfolio management team. Individual stock evaluations enable AAM to create tailored equity portfolios while identifying value and creating opportunities within the parameters of the equity discipline and the client.


Investment Process

Fixed Income

We establish and maintain a posture considering current economic conditions and perceived trends in the economy. Our top down analysis determines our target duration and allocation. A key factor will be an analysis of yield curves and asset spread levels as compared to historical averages. Our style will tend to be a value style, moving assets from what we consider to be expensive levels to those that may be out of favor.

We evaluate a company’s profitability and potential to pay debt by evaluating balance sheets and financial statements. We research corporate strategies and management including a corporation’s reputation and past trends. Our analysis seeks to identify undervalued and overlooked opportunities and to evaluate a security’s potential to perform and enhance overall total return of the portfolio.


Individual equity evaluations are centered on a clearly defined methodology intermixed with fundamental research that utilizes both quantitative and qualitative analysis. We search for relative value in the equity market and tactical asset exposures by focusing on stocks we believe provide exploitable pockets of undervaluation. Our equity portfolio disciplines are designed to control portfolio volatility and provide long-term results.

AAM Managed Strategies