Managed Accounts

Customized portfolios selected and managed by professional managers.

AAM provides financial advisors with customized fixed income and equity portfolios managed by highly specialized, experienced investment professionals that can help meet ongoing and varied investment needs. The below strategies range from conservatively positioned portfolios of income-oriented tax-exempt municipal bonds to more aggressive equity portfolios positioned for growth. We believe there is something for everyone. 

Explore AAM's Managed Strategies that seek to provide:


1The Core Plus Bond Strategy is different than AAM’s Core Plus Strategy. The Core Plus Bond Strategy invests predominantly in fixed income securities and generally does not invest in alternative income producing assets whereas the Core Plus Strategy includes investments in alternative income producing assets. The Core Plus Bond Strategy is available to financial professionals using the Envestnet platform.

2Alternative income producing assets include but are not limited to traditional equities, business development companies (BDCs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange-traded funds (ETFs), master limited partnerships (MLPs), and closed-end funds (CEFs).

3Number of portfolio holdings between each rebalancing may vary slightly due to corporate actions, changes in GICS® sectors or classification, or significant changes in dividend policy.

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Sales & Distribution Services

AAM partners with a select number of high-quality investment managers who want to leverage our distribution capabilities.