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The Partnership of AAM and SLC Management


On September 1, 2022, Sun Life Financial Inc. announced that it intends to acquire a majority stake in AAM, a leading independent U.S. retail distribution firm, through SLC Management, Sun Life’s institutional fixed income and alternatives asset manager. AAM will become the U.S. retail distribution arm of SLC Management. On February 1, 2023, Sun Life Financial Inc announced the completion of its acquisition of a 51% stake in AAM.

Today, we learn more about SLC Management, their global investment platform, and AAM's role in delivering alternative investment solutions to financial advisors and their clients. Steve Peacher, President of SLC Management, and Cliff Corso, President and CIO of AAM, share their insights into this powerful alignment of firms.

You can view the timely video here with clickable timestamps. The topics include:

⏯ Who is SLC Management?
⏯ Why did AAM partner with SLC Management?
⏯ Who are SLC Management's specialty managers?
⏯ How has asset allocation evolved from 60/40 portfolios and what role can alternatives play?
⏯ What role does AAM represent within the structure of SLC Management?
⏯ What do you see as the strongest opportunities to add value to portfolios?

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