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Pricing as of 11/14/2018
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Fixed Income - Taxable 2 Offerings
Advisors Corporate Trust - Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities, Series 130 ACTQPX, ADT 1911 Primary / Open 11/09/2018 02/16/2026 00022766.23yr AL $978.97 $960.50 $960.50 4.1584% 4.6058% 4.2384% 4.9658%
Cohen & Steers Preferred Income Opportunities Portfolio, Series 2018-3Q PFDAQX, ADT 1893 Primary / Open 09/17/2018 12/18/2019 000045715mo $9.4635 $9.3384 $9.3384
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Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are sold only by prospectus. Investors should read the prospectus carefully before investing which contains a detailed explanation of the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Investors should consult their accounting, legal, or tax advisor.

* Information labeled “Fee-Based Account” provides information pertaining to units purchased through registered investment advisers, certified financial planners or registered broker-dealers who in each case either charge investor accounts periodic fees for brokerage services, financial planning, investment advisory or asset management services, or provide such services in connection with an investment account for which a comprehensive “wrap fee” charge is imposed. You should consult your financial advisor to determine whether you can benefit from these accounts and whether your unit purchases are eligible for this discount. To purchase units in these accounts, your financial advisor must purchase units designated with one of the Fee Account CUSIP numbers, if available. The amounts shown are different from what would be applicable for units purchased in other accounts (i.e. “Commission-Based Accounts”) not eligible for this discount. See your prospectus and consult your financial advisor for more information about eligibility and applicability of the Fee-Based Account discount.