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Firm Provides Investors with Vehicle for Investing in Companies Next in Line for Inclusion in NASDAQ-100 ® Through Single-Strategy UIT

MONUMENT, COLO. — April 21, 2014 — Advisors Asset Management (AAM) has launched the NASDAQ Q-50 Index SM Portfolio, Series 2014-1Q (Ticker: NQFNAX), a new unit investment trust (UIT) seeking to provide investors with capital appreciation potential.

The UIT seeks to invest on an ongoing basis in the 50 stocks that comprise the NASDAQ Q-50 Index, a market-capitalization-weighted benchmark tracking companies which are next-eligible for inclusion in the NASDAQ-100 ® Index. This select group of firms, known as the “Q-50,” includes non-financial companies from a variety of industries, such as computer hardware and software, telecommunications, healthcare, biotechnology and retail/wholesale trade. Approximately 70 percent of the NASDAQ Q-50 Index’s current companies are based in the U.S.

“As more advisors shift their focus from dividend-producing stocks to total return and growth strategies, we have responded by providing a growth-oriented portfolio of  equity securities in a cost-effective wrapper,” said Richard A. Stewart, CFA, Senior Vice President and UIT Product Manager at AAM, which supervises approximately $9.5 billion in UIT assets (as of March 31, 2014). “This latest addition to our product lineup replicates a well-performing and reliable benchmark index, and can serve as a growth complement within investors’ overall portfolios over the long term.”

AAM’s longstanding strategic relationship with The NASDAQ OMX Group presented the firm with an opportunity to replicate the NASDAQ Q-50 Index through a single-strategy UIT.  

AAM also offers exposure to the NASDAQ Q-50 Index’s companies through another UIT, the Strategic High 50 ®/Q-50 Dividend and Growth Portfolio, Series 2014-2Q (Ticker: HFQFEX). This multi-strategy product’s portfolio consists of about 100 stocks—50 selected through AAM’s High 50 ® Dividend Strategy and 50 from the NASDAQ Q-50 Index.

For more information about the NASDAQ Q-50 Index Portfolio, Series 2014-1Q, please visit our website here.  

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Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are sold only by prospectus. You should consider the trust’s investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before investing. Contact your financial professional or visit Advisors Asset Management online at to obtain a prospectus, which contains this and other financial information about the trust. Read it carefully before you invest or send any money. As with any investment, investors may lose money by investing in UITs and the trust may not perform as well as expected. Investing in the UIT discussed above is a long-term strategy and investors should consider their ability to invest in successive trusts, if available. Investors also should consult a tax professional regarding the tax implications associated with investing in UITs. Securities offered through your financial professional.

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