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2018 Investment Outlook

Whistling while at work or past the graveyard?


As author Susan Hill stated, “I was taught to whistle as a little girl by an undertaker.” Surely if an undertaker can whistle, perhaps there is much to embrace in the tumultuous and turbulent world we expect for 2018.

In our 2018 Economic playlist we hit on the hot-spots of the most important areas of the globe and where we see their trajectory for this year. Just like an eclectic playlist with various genres of music, the myriad of data metrics continues to point to a comprehensive growth theme. There is a massive shift from stimulative monetary policy to a bit more restrictive action. However, this may be more than offset by the tax legislation in 2018 as well as the resonating positive impact from reduced regulatory restrictions on small and mid-size businesses.

The economy in 2017 had some substantive pick up. Since the end of the last recession, we have averaged a 2.1% growth rate. The U.S. averaged 2.53% for the first nine months of the year with the last two quarters averaging over 3.1% for the first consecutive periods of greater than 3% growth since 2014.

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