AAM/Bahl & Gaynor Income Growth Fund Overview

Class A: AFNAX  Class C: AFYCX  Class I: AFNIX


Primarily current and growing income, secondarily downside protection and thirdly long-term capital appreciation. 

Why the AAM/Bahl & Gaynor Growth Fund?

  1. Income-focused without concentrating in “bond proxies”; does not invest in master limited partnerships (MLPs), preferred stocks, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or convertible securities
  2. Favors companies with a history of strong dividend growth that have shown a commitment to organic future growth
  3. Emphasis on high-quality companies with reasonable valuations and consistent dividend growth potential

Investment Approach

Bahl & Gaynor uses a bottom-up fundamental approach in selecting the Fund’s investments focusing on companies that have historically produced steady earnings and dividend growth. They employ a four-step process:

  1. Utilize a bottom up quantitative screen including factors such as market cap ($1 billion or more), dividend yield and Standard and Poor’s quality ranking.
  2. Perform fundamental analysis incorporating a quantitative and qualitative comparison of each current and potential holding versus its peers, history and the market.
  3. Identify high-quality companies with strong dividend growth prospects and an attractive yield.
  4. Bahl & Gaynor’s investment committee comprised of 15 portfolio managers reviews and makes a consensus decision.  The final portfolio is normally comprised on 35 to 50 large cap securities spread across a variety of economic sectors.  The fund will not invest in master limited partnerships (MLPs), preferred stocks, options, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or convertible securities.


Bahl & Gaynor

An investment in the Fund is subject to risks and you could lose money on your investment in the Fund. The principal risks of investing in the Fund include, but are not limited to, investing in foreign securities, investing in small and mid-cap companies, and focused risk. The prices of foreign securities may be more volatile than the securities of U.S. issuers because of economic conditions abroad, political developments, and changes in the regulatory environment of foreign countries. Investments in small and mid-cap companies involve greater risks including increased price volatility compared to the market or larger companies. Although the Fund is diversified, the Sub-advisor intends to focus its investments in the securities of a comparatively small number of issuers. Investment in securities of a limited number of issuers exposes the Fund to greater market risk and potential losses than if its assets were diversified among the securities of a greater number of issuers. More information about these risks may be found in the Fund's prospectus.

You should carefully consider the investment objectives, potential risks, management fees, and charges and expenses of the Funds before investing. The Funds' prospectuses and summary prospectuses contain this and other information about the Fund, and should be read carefully before investing. Click on the fund name to obtain a current copy of its prospectus and summary prospectus or call 888.966.9661.

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Mutual fund investing involves risk, including the potential loss of principal.

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Fund Facts
Tickers / CUSIPs
Class A:   AFNAX / 461 418 188
Class C:   AFYCX / 461 418 170
Class I:   AFNIX / 461 418 162
Inception Date
  July 5, 2012
Minimum Investment
Class A/C Shares: $2,500 initial
  $500 subsequent
Class I Shares: $25,000 initial
  $5,000 subsequent
Expense Ratio2
Class A:   1.09% net
  1.20% gross
Class C:   1.84% net
  1.95% gross
Class I:   0.84% net
  0.95% gross

2The Fund's advisor has contractually agreed to waive certain fees/expenses until October 31, 2028 and may recoup previously waived expenses that it assumed during the previous three-year period.

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