A portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds seeking current income and capital preservation. The trust is structured as a Regulated Investment Company (RIC).

A Fixed Income Investment for a Rising Rate Environment

We understand that fixed income is a critical allocation in many investors’ portfolios. However, interest rate risk hasn’t been this high in decades, with many investors focused on the “when” not “if” of a move higher in interest rates. In this environment, we believe a unit investment trust that invests in fixed income securities (a “fixed income UIT”) is worth considering. You should, of course, read the prospectus to make sure you understand the investment objective and the risks associated with the UIT’s investment strategy.

Why a fixed income UIT? UITs are relatively fixed portfolios of professionally selected securities that often use a pre-defined filtering process. They are professionally monitored (not actively managed) and will generally terminate when the last bond is sold, called or matures, although they may be terminated earlier. As of the date of deposit, a fixed income UIT provides full transparency of its underlying holdings and the expected income stream. It offers predictability and stability with defined, timely payments. As bonds mature, get called away by the issuer or, in limited circumstances, are sold by the trust, principal received is distributed to the unitholders. The risk of price volatility is reduced if the unitholder holds until maturity of the UIT. Should a client need to sell their UIT, however, AAM provides daily liquidity at the current redemption price, which may be more or less than what the unitholder paid and does carry the risks associated with price volatility. Learn More.

Each series of the ACT – Navellier/Dial High Income Opportunities Portfolio UIT is comprised of 15-20 primarily investment grade quality corporate bonds designed to deliver consistent monthly income.
Sector Breakdown (As of 9/16/2019) All Holdings
Pricing Summary (As of 9/16/2019)
Sales Charges
30Commission 2.50 % $1,069.75 3.25% 4.10% 1.60
84Fee Based 0.57 % $1,049.01 3.62% 4.18% 0.00
85Rollover 2.50 % $1,069.75 3.25% 4.10% 1.60
Sales charges are as a percentage of the public offer price per unit.
See prospectus for complete details.
Additional Risks and Considerations

An investment in this unmanaged unit investment trust should be made with an understanding of the following:

Estimated Return
Estimated Current Return is calculated by dividing Estimated Net Annual Interest Income per Unit by the Public Offering Price. Estimated Long-Term Return is calculated using a formula which (1) factors in the relative weightings of the market values, yields (which take into account the amortization of premiums and the accretion of discounts) and estimated retirements of the Securities; and (2) takes into account a compounding factor, the sales charge and expenses. There is no assurance that the Estimated Current and Long-Term Returns set forth above will be realized in the future because the various components used to calculate these figures, such as Trust Expenses, market values and estimated retirements of the Securities, will change. In addition, neither rate reflects the true return you will receive, which will be lower, because neither includes the effect of certain delays in distributions.

Investors should consider the trust's investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Consult your financial advisor for a prospectus or download a prospectus online which contains this and other information about the trust. Read the prospectus carefully before you invest or send money.

This product information does not constitute an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy securities in any state, jurisdiction, or to any person to whom it is not lawful to make such an offer.

All products shown above may not be available within your firm. Please consult your AAM Representative for more information.

Market Values, Estimated Returns & Estimated Net Income will fluctuate. Market values are for reference only and are not indicative of your individual cost basis. You are advised to verify pricing information prior to the execution of a security trade.


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Unit Investment Trusts (UITs) are sold only by prospectus. Investors should read the prospectus carefully before investing which contains a detailed explanation of the investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses. Investors should consult their accounting, legal, or tax advisor.

The distribution rate paid by the trust may be higher or lower than the amount shown above due to factors including, but not limited to, changes in the price of trust units, changes (including reductions) in distributions paid by issuers, changes in actual trust expenses and sales of securities in the portfolio. There is no guarantee that the issuers of the securities included in the trust will pay any distributions in the future. The Historical 12- Month Distribution Rate of Trust Holdings is calculated by taking the weighted average of the regular income distributions paid by the securities included in the trust’s portfolio over the 12 months preceding the trust’s date of deposit reduced to account for the effects of trust fees and expenses. The percentage shown is based on the current offer price during the initial offering period. This historical rate is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of amounts that will actually be distributed by the trust.

* Information labeled “Fee-Based Account” provides information pertaining to units purchased through registered investment advisers, certified financial planners or registered broker-dealers who in each case either charge investor accounts periodic fees for brokerage services, financial planning, investment advisory or asset management services, or provide such services in connection with an investment account for which a comprehensive “wrap fee” charge is imposed. You should consult your financial advisor to determine whether you can benefit from these accounts and whether your unit purchases are eligible for this discount. To purchase units in these accounts, your financial advisor must purchase units designated with one of the Fee Account CUSIP numbers, if available. The amounts shown are different from what would be applicable for units purchased in other accounts (i.e. “Commission-Based Accounts”) not eligible for this discount. See your prospectus and consult your financial advisor for more information about eligibility and applicability of the Fee-Based Account discount.